Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stop changing...

I’m so thankful God is in control. I found out today that my major was getting tweaked. Again. Last time this happened, it went from Radio and Television Broadcasting to Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Electronic Media. This time, the concentrations disappeared. It doesn't seem like that big of a change on paper, but in the day to day lives of the students, it will be a change. It’s really complicated to explain via blog, so just take my word for it: it’s not the best thing ever.

But I learned something through this change: God doesn’t. He’s the same. Always. Regardless of my shortcomings and faults and failures, God is the same every time. And I don’t cling to that enough. Even though majors and people and process change, God doesn't.  He can’t. God is always the same, the one constant thing in a reality of fluctuation. And that is something that I can always count on.

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